Google’s new finger control technology. “SOLI” ;)-

The brilliance and creative depth of computer programming engineers has become unfathomable. I have many questions in regards to the thought process of these amazing individuals that are creating this advanced technology. How does one learn programming and computer technology? Where do they get their ideas? How does it come so easy for them? Do they get some ideas and concepts from the movies? etc… It’s almost as if movies have become, art imitating life. We watch these futuristic movies thinking to ourselves, “that’s cool but lets be honest, it’s impossible”. Most of us have thought that at least once or twice. Then one day we wake up and realize what we initially thought was impossible, has now become possible. That twist in the thought-process and realization of the uncapped possibilities into what we know what we’re capable of and what lies ahead is astounding. This makes me wonder how many people now look forward to living to see another day only to satisfy their technological curiosity? This new technology Soli, was once thought as impossible. Soli, uses radar waves to detect precise finger movements or finger “micro motions”. The result is something that looks like it’s from a science-fiction movie such as Minority Report or Her, in which characters manipulated virtual objects by gracefully moving their hands or fingers in the air.

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Sam Cain
Editor & Head of Advertising

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