The Essential Book for Makers

Last year I made a robot using a single-board microcontroller and some connected circuit boards.
I don’t have an educational background that has anything to do with electronics and programming, but I love to make stuff.
In my first attempts to solder a circuit board with LEDs, I blew up capacitors, transistors and even LEDs. I asked myself several times: will this work? And in many cases the answer came after turning the device on (the answer had two letters).
When my robot was finally done, I made a video and while I was recording the video the LEDs stopped working (you can see this in this video).
Do you recognize yourself in the type of maker who just wants to make and connect modules without frustration, tears, electrocutions and smoke? Are you looking for reliable and easy to use circuit diagrams for your Arduino, ARM mbed or ESP8266 projects?

Well, then you should support this awesome Kickstarter Project by the company Pighixxx.

Jo Luijten
Dutch-born editor and video maker.

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