Petscop, the creepiest game of the web

After the enigmatic organization Cicada 3301, the World Wide Web has a new creepy mystery. A Youtuber named Paul claims that he found Petscop, an unfinished Playstation game from 1997. In the last few weeks, he uploaded several videos in which he plays the game. When he starts to play Petscop,

Weird Paul subject of new documentary

Pittsburgh local musician and social media personality "Weird Paul" Petroskey is the subject of a new feature documentary film. While Weird Paul may not be a household name across America, in Pittsburgh, he’s an underground star in the rock scene and has an impressive discography of about forty tapes and LP’s.

Youtube Discovery of the Week: Steff Koeppen

The Youtube Discovery of the Week is Steff Koeppen and her band Steff and the Articles. Yesterday, I searched for The Mars Volta's Inertiatic ESP and Koeppen's cover showed up in the search results of Youtube. Inertiatic ESP is a hard song name to spell, but even a harder song

Will Work for Views: A Documentary about Weird Paul

Will Work for Views is a documentary about Weird Paul Petroskey, directed by Eric Michael Schrader. If you don't know Weird Paul Petroskey, we recommend you to do three things: 1) Be very ashamed of yourself. 2) Subscribe to his Youtube-channel and watch his videos. Step 3 will follow automatically. 3) Back the Kickstarter Project. Will Work