Evelyn & Bobbie reinvented the bra

The modern bra was invented 84 years ago and has seen zero innovation since. Although the bra sizing system exists for a long time, the women-led startup Evelyn and Bobbie believes that bodies cannot be reduced down to just inches and cups. They developed a revolutionary bra that doesn't need

Night Run, an ’80s film from 2017

People love videos from the 1980s so much that it is becoming a new genre. The most famous example of this is the movie Kung Fury. Another example is my own Youtube channel Squirrel Monkey. Film producer Erick Solis recently started a Kickstarter project to fund his action film Night

Pixio is like Minecraft, but real

Pixio is a new well-thought-out system of colored plastic blocks with powerful magnets. It's like magnetic legos, or in the words of the inventors: Like Minecraft, only in real life. You can create in the style of pure pixel art without any visible fixing elements. Just take the pixio block in