L.A. Comedians: Mark Kushner

With The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory and many other comedy clubs, Los Angeles is the place to be for stand-ups. The Bacon Post regularly interviews up and coming talent. This time Mark Kushner is in the hot seat.

When did you decide to become a stand-up?
MK: “I decided to do stand up comedy when I saw Seinfeld and many other comedians getting shows.”

What do you consider your style?
MK: “I believe my style for stand-up is like an angry Bill Cosby, just a little bit more edgy. It can be classified as observational.”

What is your favorite subject in your bits?
MK: “My favorite subject in my bits is usually self-deprecating and reliving awkward experiences.”

What is your best experience on stage?
MK: “My best experience telling jokes was at the Improv in LA one of my first times ever performing and my mother and father got to hear jokes about them.”

What is your worst experience on stage?
MK: “My worst experience by far was in a club in Inglewood where I sat next to someone and she proceeded to heckle me and I lashed out probably more angrily than necessary. I later realized that she may have been flirting with me. It took me another three years to get back on stage.”

What is your worst joke?
MK: “My worst joke probably was one of my first I did an impression of Bill Cosby rolling and flicking boogers.”

Do you have any advice for beginning stand-up comedians?
MK: “My advice to new comics is to videotape themselves, listen to their tapes for laughs. Find a mentor, find a class so that you can learn the structure and craft better. Classes can’t necessarily make you funny, but they can help you find your authentic voice.”

Jo Luijten
Dutch-born editor and video maker.

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