L.A. Comedians: Amy Brick

With The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory and many other comedy clubs, Los Angeles is the place to be for stand-ups. The Bacon Post regularly interviews up and coming talent. This time Amy Brick is in the hot seat.

When did you decide to become a stand-up?

AB: “I don’t know that I ever really decided to be a stand-up comic. I told my husband that I had thought about it and he bought me a class. Then, I went to the class and realized it was one in a series of classes. So, I took the whole series and started.”

What do you consider your style?

AB: “I’m a mostly clean, observational stand-up comedian. My comedy is about relatable, everyday things.”

What is your favorite subject in your bits?

AB: “My favorite subject for stand-up is when I “Amy Brick” a situation, meaning when I take a situation that should just be normal and somehow make it completely awkward and weird. I have horrible customer service issues that just happen to me, etc. I also love to talk about my kids and all the stuff they do to me….”

What is your best experience on stage?

AB: “When I was performing in a show with Margaret Cho and making her laugh! That was the best feeling.”

What is your worst experience on stage?

AB: “It wasn’t even really bad, but I performed in a bar where the regulars were just there to drink and I literally had to talk over this really drunk PE teacher.”

What is your worst joke?

AB: “I don’t know, I guess if it was horrible I already cut it out and forgot what it was….”

Do you have any advice for beginning stand-up comedians?

AB: “I would say, first that I am still very new to stand up, just coming up on 2 years, but I would not have lasted even this long without taking classes. I think that’s a really important thing to do. I wouldn’t skydive without lessons and if there’s anything that’s like comedy, it’s skydiving….you’re working without a net, all on your own.”

Jo Luijten
Dutch-born editor and video maker.

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