10 weird products you can buy on Ali Express

China is notorious for selling weird gadgets online. We browsed the website Ali Express for the weirdest things we could find. Here are ten of them.

A geiger counter to check the radio-activity of your television, microwave and cat! Every household should have one.

This umbrella protects you against rain, darkness and Darth Vader! Take the force with you.

A hand-made oil painting of the Russian president Putin.

When normal Brazilian hair is not good enough, there’s always Brazilian virgin hair.

This rectum check simulator is not an ordinary one. It is an advanced rectum check simulator!

A creepy realistic silicone mask. Why not?

If you want to show off your pretty feet during a rain storm, you could use these transparent water-proof rain boots.

All I want for Christmaaaaaas is… a sea cucumber cake decoration mold.

A USB powered humping dog. It contains no memory, but it will hump every laptop with a USB port.

Grow your own non-vegetarian Venus flytrap with these seeds.

Special thanks to the Dutch group BEST ALIEXPRESS BUYS.
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Jo Luijten
Dutch-born editor and video maker.

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