Will Work for Views: A Documentary about Weird Paul

Will Work for Views is a documentary about Weird Paul Petroskey, directed by Eric Michael Schrader.

If you don’t know Weird Paul Petroskey, we recommend you to do three things:
1) Be very ashamed of yourself.
2) Subscribe to his Youtube-channel and watch his videos. Step 3 will follow automatically.
3) Back the Kickstarter Project.

Will Work for Views showcases the wonderful, strange, fascinating and weird world of Paul, the artist, the musician and the vlogger.
His attention to detail and attraction to the mundane and bizarre has made him into a cult-like figure.

In the last few years, YouTube has become his entire world; it has given him confidence, a purpose, meaning and an outlet for his art and creativity, but it hasn’t allowed him to support himself financially. Even when he’s been told he’s too old, too weird and too strange, Paul continues to believe in himself and fight for his dream.

Jo Luijten
Dutch-born editor and video maker.

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