Have patience, Silent Partner investors!

Good news for worried Silent Partner investors. The product is still under development. The inventors of QuietLife Technologies didn’t make the deadline, but the reason for the delay is a good one: perfectionism.
In 2015 the Israelian company QuietLife Technologies presented a very interesting invention: a snoring sound cancelling device called the Silent Partner. The project was funded for 656% ($1,651,019) on January 9, 2016. The Silent Partner utilizes active noise cancellation technology which senses the snoring sound and emits a counter sound, to cancel the undesirable one.
Unfortunately, months after the deadline, the investors still haven’t received their device. We asked the CEO of QuietLife Technologies, Netti Eyal, for a reaction.

Eyal: “I appreciate your concern regarding the estimated delivery and I want to let you know that we are in the progress and doing our best to create the Silent Partner as soon as possible.
As you know this is a cutting-edge technology which like many other innovative products may face new challenges and needs research and development to face these challenges. We are doing our best to spend our focus and resources as effective as possible.”

Working days and nights
“To preform properly the system needs to integrate DSP algorithms such as Prediction algorithm and Echo Cancellation algorithm as well as HW and mechanical aspects to reduce the power consumption and design to face the wearable aspect. We tried to implement the SW in the FPGA to reduce the latency and to improve power consumption but now we are working with DSP to simplify the process we achieved great results to date and we are working days and nights to shorten the time as possible.”

Secure technology
“As we are in a process of cooperation with a highly experienced VP R&D, we prefer to get his system review and estimation and then to estimate our new deadline it might take a few weeks but we believe it is necessary in order to estimate in the most accurate way since this innovative product was not made before.  We had issues with the site, but the problem was fixed and the site works properly. We know that once the product will be in the market we will face other competitors and we need to prepare in advance, so we need to secure our technology.”

Dream come true
“We believe that we created a great technology and that the product we want to create is an innovative product that will change the life of millions over the world. Since we started to work on Silent Partner we had a dream to create this technology and we want to make our dream come true.”

Jo Luijten
Dutch-born editor and video maker.

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