Petscop, the creepiest game of the web

After the enigmatic organization Cicada 3301, the World Wide Web has a new creepy mystery.

A Youtuber named Paul claims that he found Petscop, an unfinished Playstation game from 1997. In the last few weeks, he uploaded several videos in which he plays the game. When he starts to play Petscop, it looks completely normal. After he accidentally discovers a cheat code the course becomes dark… very dark. It seems that the game has references with real-life child killings. The software company that made Petscop is Garalinda, probably a non-existent company or maybe they just made one, unreleased game.

People on several internet communities, like Reddit, try to understand the weird game. There are a lot of theories about the meaning of it. Some people believe that it is real and that the truth is even darker. Some people call it haunted.

The graphics and sounds look very genuine. The low screen resolution, the 4:3 aspect ratio and the low sound quality are perfect and credible. Also, when a character turns, the pixels don’t turn. So it is very likely that it is not a Flash animation, but real Playstation One software. That doesn’t mean that it is a real game though. The creator, Paul, could have installed an emulator and programmed an animation that he runs under the emulation software. Programming an animation is easier and way less work than programming a game.

You can watch the videos about Petscop here.

Here are two videos with theories about the game:

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