UPDATE: Changelly customers report scam: “I’ve lost over $2000!”

There are many popular websites that convert dollars into cryptocurrencies. Changelly is one of them. According to several reports on social media Changelly didn't provide purchased bitcoins last week. This is not very uncommon for exchange sites, but this time they charged the customers. Some people are waiting several days for

Interview with Deiviz Kostoya

The internet is a great medium to discover talented artists. A couple of years ago, I discovered the artwork of the Spanish self-taught painter Deiviz Kostoya (28) on a Dutch Facebook page. His art is inspired by 19th century artists. TBP: Where does your fascination for art come from? DK: I have

Google’s new finger control technology. “SOLI” ;)-

The brilliance and creative depth of computer programming engineers has become unfathomable. I have many questions in regards to the thought process of these amazing individuals that are creating this advanced technology. How does one learn programming and computer technology? Where do they get their ideas? How does it come

Snapmaker: The All-Metal 3D Printer

  I'm continually amazed how fast technology is progressing. I can still remember the days of the rotary home phone, the pager, the heavy blocky 8 bit computers, Atari console's and the big bag cell phone with a twisty cord attached. The good old days. Personally I can't wrap my head