In-depth interview with Sina Khani: “My favorite color is salmon-pink!”

We wanted to write an article about the preparation of green beans, but an anonymous stalker convinced us to interview the German comedian Sina Khani instead.
Khani, also known as Prince aus Bochum, also known as “the German Andy Kaufman”, also known as “Sina Khani” terrorizes the comedy world in several languages in several countries. He is the type of comedian that you love or hate. He is a musician as well.

TBP: Who are you?
SK: Um eh, Sina Khani? Duh.

TBP: Your style of comedy reminds me of Andy Kaufman. Who inspires you?
SK: Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Susan Sontag, you, me. Especially me! Like a lot.

TBP: After your infamous Quatsch Comedy Club performance where they kicked you off stage and your French kiss with a dog I wonder if you have any limits when it comes to comedy?
SK: Yes I do. I would never commit a murder or rape…on stage. Um eh, I mean anywhere. Because that’s not funny. I mean it could be funny. Maybe. But you have to be a true genius to present such nastiness in a hilarious manner. And I’m not a genius. Definitely not. Or am I?

TBP: Is there a difference between the comedian Sina Khani and the human being?
SK: Yes, in real life I am actually really really really funny. And smart. And kind and charming and hot. But my comedy totally sucks. Haha. No, just kidding. They’re both fabulous. I mean the comedian Sina Khani and the person Sina Khani. Both are truly awesome.

TBP: You are an intercultural person who speaks several languages and knows a lot about different cultures. Do you think that your humor is universal as well? Or are there countries or cultures that would not appreciate your humor?
SK: Yeah I know a lot! It’s true. I like you. You inspire me. Cultures that would not appreciate me? Can we jump to the next question please? Because I’m a racist and I’m trying to fucking hide that. Can you please transcribe “fucking” like “fucking”? And not like “fuckin’”? Thanks.

TBP: How often do you hear that you confuse people?
SK: About once a month. I hope this response satisfies you. If not then I’m fucking sorry. Do I say “fuck” too often? It’s because I’m 35 years old now. I never said “Fuck” in my twenties. Catching up. You know what? I’m a horrible person and I hate myself.

TBP: What is your favorite color? Why?
SK: Salmon Pink. Because I like the initial letters. S and P. Like Shore Patrol or Simple Plan. I’m a simple man with simple needs and simple plans. Basta! I love Italy. Dude. Can I call you Dude? Dude. Wanna hear a joke I wrote this morning? A soldier in World War II is in Germany at the end of the war and eats a piece of bavarian cream pie at a cafe. It’s the best thing he’s ever tasted. He goes on about his life. Gets married, has a family, raises children, retires. His wife dies. He gets diagnosed with cancer. He has a few months to live. He’s accomplished everything in life, and his only desire is to have one more piece of that bavarian cream pie.
So he gets on a really expensive ocean liner. The liner sinks. He gets on a lifeboat. It runs out of air. He swims. Gets practically eaten alive by sharks, they take his arms and legs. He lands on the beach in France. He crawls through France to Germany. He gets to the café. Wiggles his way onto a stool.
The waitress comes over and tries to take his order. He orders the Bavarian cream pie. She says she just sold the last piece. He says: “A HORRIBLY FAT FAMILY!”
You get it? Think about it. Anyhow, this was an amazing interview. I feel really good about it. Do you think the readers will like it, too? I think they will. Like a lot. Okay, dude. I gotta go feed my pug. Bye!

Visit the Youtube-channel of Khani here.

Jo Luijten
Dutch-born editor and video maker.

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